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Illustrating this website has been challenging on a shoe string budget. The majority of photographs (including diagrams and illustrations) are paid for from 123RF royalty free stock photos.

Many of the photographs of naked men (eg: SEX and STIs) are sourced from Butch Dixon and UK Naked Men who kindly gave us permission to use photographs from film shoots.

Other sources are acknowledged accordingly. Please let us know if we have credited incorrectly. It will be the sin of omission rather than any attempt on the part of MEN R US to defraud or pass off.

No assumptions should be made about the sexuality, HIV status or views of individuals or organisations featured on MEN R US. 

Fancy one of your photos on this website?

  • You don't have to be a pro: a shot taken with a smart phone, DSLR camera, or compact will be fine
  • Use our contact form to email your shot - telling us a bit about it, and where you think it should go on MEN R US
  • For example: can you take a better photo for kissing (in SEX) or same sex friendships (in YOU)?
  • Bear in mind: photos should be tasteful and sexy without being gratuitous smut
  • Please confirm in your email that the person(s) in the shot have agreed to be photographed
  • By emailing photos to us you permit MEN R US to use and edit in perpetuity
  • We are offering absolutely no payment but are happy to credit you - so please include your name
  • We won't use all photos sent to us, so don't be disappointed... but keep trying
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