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COVID-19 lockdowns, tiers and guidance

At MEN R US, we're finding it an ongoing battle keeping up with COVID-19. Lockdowns, tiers and social distancing guidance continue to be muddled with politicians and public health officials seemingly at odds, more often than not. So, we continue to social distance when/ wherever we are, wear masks when out and about, and work from home. Not everybody can and we are fortunate we can do this.

As we creep into 2021, this is what matters to us (something we wrote in April 2020)

  • the COVID-19 reproduction or 'R' number
  • the take-up of COVID-19 tracker apps
  • the COVID-19 testing programme (for all)
  • the development and distribution of an effective vaccine
  • the supply and distribution of functioning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • the health, well-being and welfare of NHS staff
  • the government to get a grip

and as we move into Spring

  • the COVID-19 infection rates
  • the prevalence of new Coronavirus variants
  • tte 'R' rate number
  • the number of people in hospital
  • the impact/ success of the vaccination programme
  • the number of deaths

As for the rest: we need a lie-down!*

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