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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Easing the UK COVID-19 lockdown

At MEN R US, we are continuing to get to grips with and interpret new guidance from the government (10/ 5/ 20). In the meantime, we continue to social distance, maintain lockdown (so not hooking-up or cruising).

However, what does matter to us is ...

  • the COVID-19 reproduction or 'R' number
  • the progress and take-up of COVID-19 tracker apps
  • the progress of the COVID-19 testing programme
  • the supply and distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As for the rest: we need a lie-down!*

Coronavirus R0: What is the R number and why does it matter? | BBC News | 2 May | 1m 37s

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Track Corona | Created by undergraduates at Stanford, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech
United Kingdom | GOV.UK
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard | World Health Organisation (WHO)
COVID-19 Dashboard | John Hopkins University

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