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Keeping a routine

Keeping a routine

Make a point of knowing every day what the day and date is:

Thu, 20 Jun 2024

Try and do something special or different at the weekend.

Everyone's living circumstances are different and everyone's routines are not the same so, in some cases, maybe more difficult to maintain. If you live in a bedsit, for example, there are only so many times you can deep clean your room.

Consider making a schedule or weekly plan, perhaps divided into these headings:

  • Daily or weekly chores (cleaning and spring/ deep cleaning, laundry, and shopping)
  • Personal hygiene (keep it going, and decide how to maintain your hair)
  • Occupation (work, volunteering, cooking, games and puzzles, learning a skill or finding a hobby)
  • Staying active (physically and mentally)
  • Entertainment (TV, online, subscription)
  • Doorstep chats 6ft/ 2m apart (lockdown rules permitting)
  • Staying in contact (calls, webcam/ video, chat, messaging)
  • Sex (wank away and/ or check out our section on sex)

It may be helpful to set reminder alarms or timers at certain times of the day or put something up on the wall showing you what's what and when's what! 

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