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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our take on COVID-19

CORONAVIRUS - OUR TAKEIt's struggle enough getting through lockdown without feeling pressured to be a better version of yourself by the end of it. That's not to say you shouldn't or can't but the life-coaches and lockdown-motivators are everywhere - beating their drums - and it can be overwhelming.

Getting through this is tough but it's not a contest. You don't have to learn 5 languages, reinvent yourself or build a functioning gym in the cat's litter tray. Some of us live in a room, don't have gardens or have a Youtube channel to share every waking breath of home quarantine.

Not everybody needs help and support but ...

Not everybody needs help and support but - if and when you do - we hope there's something here for you. And please contact us should you have a suggestion to make this section better.

Just about everybody who can has weighed in on coronavirus so we see little point adding more of the same. Instead, we have scoured the Internet, penned a few words, to bring you our take on COVID-19.

Keep it real, set the bar low, and have a wank.

This is what you will find in this section

  • Our take on coronavirus
  • Your mental health
  • Keeping a routine
  • Sex
  • Coronavirus basics
  • Social distancing and washing hands
  • Health information
  • Helplines
  • Stuff to do
    • All about you
    • Thinking of and supporting others
    • At home
    • Exercise and fitness
    • The phone
    • Online security, data protection and personal information online
    • Gardens, balconies and parks
    • LGBT+ podcasts
    • Virtual tours and streaming
    • Film and TV
    • Nine gay films
    • Music
    • Streaming the Arts
    • Very random selection of topics from MENRUS.CO.UK
    • More stuff
  • Letting out our inner geek

Contact us if you can't find a service and we will signpost you the best we can.

MEN R US Volunteer's Video Choice Award
Check out Emerson's awesome Jock Strap Mask tutorial which kinda sums up how we're feeling at the moment.

Jock Strap Mask Tutorial | Emerson Collins | Apr 2020 | 57s
Emerson Collins

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