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This section first appeared under our COVID-19 chapter in April 2020, together with other sections which we have now integrated into the rest of the website.

We spend far too time trawling the Internet, going down rabbit holes, researching and checking out content and film clips for MEN R US. Pulling together the COVID-19 section, we stumbled across these clips which raised our eyebrows in all the right places: A naked man mowing; a warehouse rack collapse (putting our day's problems into perspective though we hope nobody was injured); a masterclass from Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) documenting his quarantine; the Sutton show tunes sing-along; and a 1000 people of dance.

Naked mowing | Coloman77 | 3 Sep 2019 | 25s

Racking Collapse in Warehouse | ThistleSystems | 21 Nov 2018 | 1m 2s
Leslie Jordan documenting his quarantine and every video is a masterpiece | BuzzFeed | 5 Apr 2020
Sutton Showtunes Singalong | Sutton Shenanigans | Mar 2020 | 4m 57s
1000 People of Dance | ProjectOneLife 15 Jan 2019 | 3m 38s

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