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CHEMSEX BOOKS AND PLAYS | MENRUS.CO.UKA selection of books and playa about chemsex:

  • Tweakerworld | Jason Yama | 2023
  • The Truth About Chemsex | Justin David Duwe | 2018
  • Something for the Weekend  | James Wharton | 2017
  • The G Club | Paul Madden | 2017
  • Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery | David M Fawcett | 2016
  • 5 guys chillin' | Peter Darney | 2016
  • The Chemsex Monologues | Patrick Cash | 2016

Tweakerworld | Jason Yama
"Meet Jason: a college-educated documentary film producer, cat parent of two and one of San Francisco’s top drug dealers. After Jason’s world falls apart in LA, he moves to Berkeley for a fresh start with his kid brother. Just one problem: his long-closeted Adderall addiction has exploded into an out-of-control crystal meth binge. Within weeks, Jason plunges into the sprawling ParTy n’ ’Play (PnP) subculture of the Bay Area’s gay community. With painful honesty, Jason Yamas has crafted a landmark narrative that is not just a personal account of addiction, but a portrait of a vulnerable, largely undocumented community of people who, for many reasons, have been marginalized to the point of invisibility."
Tweakerworld | Jason Yama | Unnamed Press | 2023

The Truth About Chemsex | Justin David Duwe
"This book is the first of its kind and is about Chemsex Addiction. Chemsex Addiction is the combination of dangerous sex acts and lethal drugs that are highly addictive. This addiction is now at epidemic levels in most major cities in Western Europe, North America and Australia. Not since the HIV/AIDS epidemic has the gay/bisexual community been faced with such a massive health issue when considering its prevalence and health implications. This book addresses its’ causes, prognosis, and solutions for individuals, family members, therapists and medical professionals whose paths cross with individuals suffering from Chemsex Addiction."
The Truth About Chemsex | Justin David Duwe | Book Baby | 2018

Something for the Weekend  | James Wharton
"When James Wharton leaves the army, he finds himself with more opportunities than most to begin a successful civilian life – he has a husband, two dogs, two cars, a nice house in the countryside and a book deal. A year later he finds himself single, living in a room and trying to adjust to single gay life back in the capital. In his search for new friends and potential lovers, he becomes sucked into London’s gay drug culture, soon becoming addicted to partying and the phenomenon that is ‘chemsex’. Exploring his own journey through this dark but popular world, James looks at the motivating factors that led him to the culture, as well as examining the paths taken by others. He reveals the real goings-on at the weekends for thousands of people after most have gone to bed, and how modern technology allows them to arrange, congregate, furnish themselves with drugs and spend hours, often days, behind closed curtains, with strangers and in states of heightened sexual desire. Something for the Weekend looks compassionately at a growing culture that’s now moved beyond London and established itself as more than a short-term craze.." Biteback Publishing
Something for the Weekend | James Wharton | Biteback Publishing | 2017

The G Club | Paul Madden 
"It's the living that have to resurrect themselves, not the dead..."The G Club is the story of two strangers struggling with grief who are trying very different ways to cope with their pain. On his first day back to work, Jamie meets an older lady who is at a different stage of the grieving process. By night, Jamie stumbles into the world of the illegal drug ‘G’ (GHB) as a way for him to block out his pain. By day, he attempts to help this stranger with her own grief, while also trying to hold down his job as a counsellor. Unknowingly, they require one another to begin the healing process and start dealing with their loss.
The G Club | Paul Madden | Independently published | 2017

Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery | David M Fawcett
"A practical resource for recovery from methamphetamine and the restoration of healthy sex and intimacy. Based on over a decade of clinical experience and research, Dr Fawcett outlines the seductive appeal of methamphetamine and its impact on high-risk behaviors and sexual desire, resulting in the fusion ofo meth and sex in the brain. Such patterns of use quickly lead not only to a devastating addiction but in sexual dysfunction as well. Illustrated with examples from dozens of cases, this book outlines a path toward healing, describing the phases of physical, emotional, and sexual recovery and provides a broad range for supportive tools from managing triggers to mindfulness."
Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery | David M Fawcett | 2016

5 guys chillin' | Peter Darney
"A graphic, gripping, funny and frank verbatim drama exposing the chill-out chem-sex scene. “Wanna pair of shorts? Shot of G? Line of Meth?” From surgeons to students, couples to kink; guys that love it and lost guys longing to be loved. An original look into a drug-fuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of Grindr, and instant gratification." Oberon Books
5 Guys Chillin' | Peter Darney | Oberon Books | 2016

The Chemsex Monologues | Patrick Cash
"A nameless narrator meets a sexy boy on a Vauxhall night out, who introduces him to G’s pleasures; a club night poster boy gets taken to Old Mother Meth’s place by a porn star; Fag Hag Cath is finding the chillouts have become more about the sex; Daniel is a sexual health worker who does community outreach in the saunas; and Rob’s snorting mephedrone off a framed photograph of his parents' 25th wedding anniversary." Oberon Books
The Chemsex Monologues | Patrick Cash | Oberon Books | 2016

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