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What is safer drug use?

Drugs and me

DRUGS AND ME | MENRUS.CO.UKDrugs and Me provides accessible, objective and comprehensive educational material to help reduce the short and long term harms of drugs. The website was inspired by the thousands of deaths that occur in the UK due to a lack of correct drug education.

"Existing websites provide excellent information on drugs but have a falsely optimistic approach thinking that the people reading those sites will become discouraged after reading about the effects or potential health risks. This is not the reality. As Dr Carl Hart put it: "People will always use drugs. They always have used drugs. We must learn to live with this fact." Drugs and Me aims to provide an information hub where for those who do use drugs but wish to do so in a safer way."

Drugs and Me are a group of scientists, educators and analysts with extensive experience in drug education. They want to do something to stop the increasing number of accidents and deaths that occur in the world due to lack of drug education.

Drugs and Me
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Drugs and Me

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