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Publication1Research shows club drug GHB associated with brain and cognitive changes
Scientists have discovered that regular use of the party drug GHB, and especially unconsciousness following GHB use, is associated with brain changes including negative effects on long-term memory, working memory, IQ, and higher levels of stress and anxiety.
Research shows club drug GHB associated with brain and cognitive changes | Medical Xpress | 8 Oct 2018
Adverse effects of GHB-induced coma on long-term memory and related brain function | Filipa Raposo Pereira, Minni T.B. McMaster, Nikki Polderman, Yvon D.A.T. de Vries, Wim van den Brink, Guido A. van Wingen | 1 Sep 2018

One person dies from "G" in London every 12 days
Deaths related to GHB/ GBL ("G") rose by 119% in London between 2014 and 2015 according to an Imperial College London  study which analysed data from 2011 to 2015 (collected from coroners across London). Deaths from "G" has more than doubled in just 12 months to 29 and so (on average) one person has been dying from "G" every 12 days.
Observed rise in "G" associated deaths in London | Toxicology Unit, Imperial College London | 25 Nov 2016

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