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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C and chemsex

Chemsex and slamming (injecting) are largely understood to be responsible for a marked increase in Hepatitis C among gay men. This raises additional issues if you are already living with HIV.

Fucking, fisting, sharing douche kit, sharing lube, and sharing dildos and snorting straws can all put you at risk of catching Hepatitis C, HIV and other STIs. You can reduce your risk by:

  • Using condoms for fucking or getting fucked
  • Using sterile syringe and needles when injecting
  • Using latex or non latex gloves when fisting or getting fisted
  • Using your own supply of lube and not sharing
  • Using a new condom on dildos every time
  • Using your own straw when snorting drugs

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Disinfecting douche heads

Keeping douche heads and kit clean is an important part of reducing risks, especially at sex parties where they may be shared. Use a commercially available sex toy cleaner or you can make up your own solution of 1 part thin bleach to 10 parts water. Make sure you clean and rinse well before each use.

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