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London drugs and chemsex support


We have pulled together organisations in London where you will find support, advice and information on recreational drug use and chemsex. Email us here if you know of a service we should add, or if we've got something wrong.

If you live outside London click the England section below or click here for services in England or contact your nearest LGBT or HIV organisation or sexual health service who may have local knowledge.

You may want to phone to check out a service first. Some of these questions may be more important to ask than others. You may not like any of them and have some of your own:

  • Do you have a chemsex service for gay/ bi men?
  • Does your service have specific (dedicated) chemsex workers?
  • Are there service times for gay/ bi men only?
  • Is your service LGBT+ friendly?
  • Check out their website.

The important thing is you find a service that's right for you - that's welcoming, understanding of you, and that can relate to your experience.

Life buoy icons show services that are LGBT or LGBT friendly, an established service serving the LGBT community and/ or are known to the Gay Men's Health Collective.

Access restricted by geographical area

Some chemsex support services are restricted by geographical area and this has to do with they way health services are commissioned (bought) in London and, frankly, it's pretty nuts for you the guy in need of help. Fortunately, front-line staff and workers are very helpful so if you need help or are in crisis contact any of the organisations listed below. If they can help you directly they will, if not they'll point you in the right direction. And feel free to contact MEN R US though we only signpost services.

Hours of service change so please click on the appropriate link for up to date information.

Axis Clnic @ The Calecot Centre, SE5

Wednesday, 4pm-7pm | Drop-In | Antidote
020 3299 5000 (Switchboard)
15-22 Caldecot Rd, Camberwell, London SE5 9RS

Antidote @ London Friend, N1

Monday Clinic | Mon, Walk-In | Antidote
020 7833 1674
86 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1 9DN

Turning Point, W1D

Thursday Drop-In @ Turning Point | Thurs, Drop-In | Antidote 
020 3315 6699
32a Wardour St, London W1D 6QR

Burrell Street Sexual Health Clinic, SE1

Chemcheck @ Burrell Street  | Tues | Antidote
Not a walk-in service, Click here to make a referral
020 7188 6666
4-5 Burrell St, London SE1 0UN

Burrell Street Clinic Slamming Packs
020 7188 6666
You will first need to speak with a health advisor.
4-5 Burrell St, London SE1 0UN

Camden Community Drug Service, NW1

Camden Community Drug Service | CGL
020 7485 2722
Camden residents only
184 Royal College Street, London, NW1 9NN

Club Drug Clinic SW9

Club Drug Clinic | Antidote
020 3315 6111
Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea or Westminster residents only
69 Warwick Road, Earls Court, London SW 9HB

CODE Clinic @ Dean Street, W1D

CODE Clinic In @ 56 Dean Street | Tues, Drop-In | Antidote 
020 3315 6699
3rd Floor, 56 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 6AQ

Dean Street, W1D

Dean Street Chemsex Support | 56 Dean Street
020 3315 6699
3rd Floor, 56 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 6AQ

Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum, SW18

The Friday Night Club: Chemsex Peer Support Group | Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum
Last Friday of the month | No appointment required
229 Garrat Lane, Wandsworth London SW18 4DU
Wandsworth LGBTQ+ Forum

Lewisham New Directions, SE13

Lewisham New Directions | CGL
020 8314 5566
Lewisham residents only
410 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, SE13 6LJ


GRIP Club Drug Service | Tues, Drop-In | GRIP 
Camden and Islington residents only
020 3317 6000
The Margarete Centre, 108 Hampstead Road, London NW1 2LS

GRIP @ Bloomsbury Clinic, Mortimer Market | Tues, Drop-In | GRIP 
  Camden and Islington residents only
020 3317 5252
Capper Street, off Tottenham Court Road, London, WC1E 6JB

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous
0300 999 1212
Find an NA meeting near you

Terrence Higgins Trust

 Friday/Monday | THT

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