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Mephedrone (meow meow/ m-cat)

What is and how it comes

  • Mephedrone is a powerful amphetamine - an upper/ stimulant (speeding up the body’s reactions and functions)
  • Other names include ‘drone', 'meph', 'meow', 'meow-meow', ‘miaow, miaow’, ‘bubbles’, 'bounce', 'plant food/ feeder', 'bath salts'
  • Usually comes as a fine white/ off-white/ yellowish/ mustard coloured powder. Also comes as small but coarser crystals which are crushed into a powder to make it easier to use. Less common it can come in capsules.
  • Under UK law the drug is classified as Class B (Misuse of Drugs Act 1971).
  • Before classification as a Class B drug in 2010, it was legally sold as plant food or bath salts. Often cut with other substances the quality can vary greatly.

How it's taken

The time it takes to reach a desired high will often depend on your size, weight and metabolism; what you have already taken; and purity of the drug and the dose amount.
Reducing drug harm and risks | MEN R US

  • Slamming injecting
    The powder is dissolved in a liquid (eg: water) and injected into a vein.
  • Snorting 'sniffed', 'keyed' or 'bumps'
    Sometimes divided into lines for sharing, it is snorted up the nose in powder form from a smooth (glass) surface, through a straw or a rolled-up banknote. The effects are usually quite rapid. Doing it this way can be painful and can lead to damage to the inside of the nose (nasal passage).
  • Booty bumps
    The powder is dissolved in a liquid (eg: water), drawn up into a syringe without the needle, and injected up the arse hole. Alternatively, a finger is dabbed in the powder and then put up the arse hole.
  • Orally; and swallowing 'bombing'
    A finger is dabbed in the powder and rubbed it onto the gums inside your mouth. Alternatively, the powder is wrapped a toilet or cigarette paper and swallowed. 

Safer use

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  • Check with your sexual health or HIV clinic.
  • Check out HIV Drug Interaction Checker: comprehensive, user-friendly drug interaction charts providing clinically useful, reliable, up-to-date, evidence-based information.

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Desired highs

  • Feeling alert, awake, confident, empathic, euphoric, full of energy, happy, disinhibited, (very) horny, an intense and focused sex drive, sociable and talkative.
  • Described as a combination of cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA).

Sex on meph

  • Suppresses the need for sleep or eating, sometimes for days.
  • May result in more extreme sex; eg: fisting and/ or involve 'riskier' sex you might not otherwise consider
  • Erections can be difficult/ impossible. Some take erectile dysfunction medication to counteract this 
  • May result in compulsive/ repetitive wanking (masturbation) because you are so horny
  • May be difficult and/ or impossible to shoot your load (orgasm)
  • Longer and rougher sex can increase the likelihood of condom failure, and tears/ sores/ bleeding (cock/ arse/ dick/ mouth) which may not be noticed at the time. 
  • Less likely to feel pain

Using M and the comedown

  • Anxiety, on edge, agitated, dizzy, hot and sweaty, racing heart like it's going to burst through your chest (palpitations)
  • Feeling overwhelmed, profound tiredness, depression, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), difficulty focusing and/ or concentrating.
  • The strength of the comedown will be worse the more you use.
  • Teeth grinding (gurning), and tongue biting, inside cheek chewing (but you may not notice), and mouth ulcers
  • A 'stench' during the days following which can be picked up by those around you
  • A need to shit a lot... and quickly

Other issues

  • It’s easy to keep using more... and become dependent
  • High risk of psychological dependence,  tolerance builds up quickly, and users need more to get the same high
  • Like other amphetamines, using meph can result in memory loss, paranoia, and fits
  • You can lose track of time, also forgetting to take your HIV medication on time, as prescribed
  • Slamming gives a faster rush but the high is usually shorter than say booty bumps or snorting
  • Rubbing meph into your gums and can damage both to your gums and teeth
  • Snorting meph can damage to your nasal passages and cause nose bleeds
  • Taking meph up the arse (booty bumping) can damage the lining of your anal canal increasing the risk of HIV, STI and HCV transmission
  • Injecting can cause vein damage, vein collapse, sepsis (blood poisoning), and other infection (eg: ulcers, gangrene) 
  • Meph can screw with your body's ability to regulate temperature leading to over-heating
  • There are reports that a cocktail of mephedrone and other drugs can result in overdoses and death

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