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Popular topics and ask us anything

Popular topics and ask us anything (kinda)

Reducing drug harms
Play Safer (Drug Use)
Hook-Up Safer
Your rights on police arrest
Drugs legal help and support
Drug, alcohol and chemsex support
Safer chemsex

Booklets and leaflets UPDATED

Check out our SHOP at GMHC.CO.UK where single copies of our booklets and leaflets are FREE. They include:

  • Safer Chemsex | A5 booklet, 32 pages | 8th Edition | Jul 2021
  • Hook-Up Safer | A6 booklet, 8 pages | 1st Edition | Jul 2021
  • Your Rights on Arrest | A6 booklet, 12 pages | 3rd Reprint | Jul 2021
  • HIV/ HCV/ STI Risk-O-Meter | A6 leaflet, 4 pages | 2nd Edition | Jul 2021
  • Sex Calories Counted | A6 leaflet, 4 pages | 2nd Edition | Jul 2021
  • MENRUS.CO.UK | A6 booklet, 8 pages | 1st Edition | Feb 2022
  • Safer Chemsex Resource Pack | All of the above | Oct 2021

Ask us anything (kinda)

With 700+ topics and 15,000+ hyperlinks to further information and reading, you are hopefully no more than three clicks away from the information you are looking for.

But we are also piloting a service where you can message us with questions and queries. We can signpost you to content and organisations and services (Greater London primarily). We put 'kinda' because we don't know everything but if we can't help, we can usually signpost you to somewhere that can.

And let us know if there's a topic you think we should include.

Ask us anything (kinda)
We will reply within a few hours if volunteers are online; if not, usually within 48 hours.

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