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What is safer drug use?

PsyCare UK

PSY CARE UKRegistered charity providing welfare and harm reduction services at music festivals and events throughout the UK and internationally, and has been been operating for over 10 years. Although most drug use at festivals is intended for enjoyment, some drug experiences can cause a person to be physically and mentally vulnerable; to experience feelings of fear, paranoia, delusion, discomfort and even psychosis; creating the potential for people to be a danger to themselves and others.

PsyCare UK provides a peaceful, friendly sanctuary in the midst of the sometimes hectic festival environment. Always open to provide information and support to anyone that needs it. From crisis intervention for people who may be in profoundly disturbed mental states, to support for the lonely with a hot cuppa and a chat, PsyCare UK aims to consistently support the wellbeing of all festival goers.

  PsyCare UK

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