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Drugs, alcohol and chemsex support

Read me first

Drugs, alcohol and chemsex support | MENRUS.CO.UKUpdated regularly, we believe it to be the most comprehensive listings of its kind but email us here if you know of a service we should add, or if we've got something wrong. If you can't find a service in your area and we will try and point you in the right direction. Email us here.

We have included a lifebuoy icon where we understand a service includes chemsex support. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of any service.

Most of the drug and alcohol services listed here are mainstream. We aim to contact drug services once a year by phone and twice online to check the services they provide.

We also note the number of services who said nothing on their website but said (when phoned) they have chemsex clients (March 2021).

Finding the right service

Some guys prefer to use gay or gay-friendly services which (as a rule) have a much better understanding of the issues affecting our lives, and the context. Others are happy to access mainstream services.

Most services aim to be welcoming, respectful, knowledgeable, and understanding. The thing is to find a service that's right for you (as best it can) and "gets the job done."

You may wish to phone first to check if the vibe feels right. Some of these questions may be more important than others, or you may have some of your own:

  • Do you have an alcohol, drugs, or chemsex service for gay/ bi men?
  • Do your workers have knowledge of health issues specific to gay/ bi men?
  • Are there service times for gay/ bi men?
  • Is your service LGBT+ friendly?
  • And why not check out the service's website?

Your GP

While your GP may not have specialist knowledge about recreational drug use (or chemsex) they should be able to point you to a service that does. Furthermore, they may be able to refer you directly, and can usually connect you to other support should you need it. It's a good place to start if you feel you can have a conversation with them.

London services restricted by area

Increasingly, services are restricted by geographical area or borough. This has to do with the way they are commissioned (bought) though it's pretty nuts for you: a guy in need of support being told a service can't help because you don't live in the borough. Fortunately, front-line staff tend to be helpful so if you're in crisis contact any of the organisations listed below who will point you in the right direction. And feel free to contact MEN R US though we only signpost services.

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