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About alcohol

Safer drinking

Alcohol is unlikely to harm your health if you drink only small amounts and avoid drinking every day. Steps to get the best out of drinking and avoid problems include:

  • Keeping to the recommended weekly intake
  • Aiming for 1 or 2 (even 3) alcohol-free days a week
  • Drinking slowly instead of gulping
  • Alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks
  • Experimenting with low alcohol or alcohol-free drinks
  • Not drinking on an empty stomach
  • Not drinking by yourself when you are unhappy or morose
  • Not having ‘one for the road’
  • Not drinking to relieve anxiety, tension depression or loneliness
  • Not keeping your home stocked with alcohol

Five ways to make a success of not drinking, even if you're sober-curious

  • Be clear about why you’re abstaining
  • Embrace sober firsts
  • Plan your alcohol substitutions
  • Don’t apologise for not drinking
  • Share your experience with friends

Five ways to be sober-curious (and make a success of not drinking) | The Guardian | 1 Sep 2019

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