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What is safer drug use?

The harms

Recreational drug use has the potential to damage your mental and physical health and sense of well-being, sometimes permanently by which time you may have lost your job, credit, your home, family, friends, boyfriends, and partners.

Granted, factors include which drugs you've taken, in what dose, and for how long (a one-off or sustained use), but it's quite the smörgåsbord:

  • Hard-ons can be a non-starter and we become sexually incapable
  • Paranoia, psychosis, depression, anxiety and/ or flashbacks
  • Increased risk of developing schizophrenia
  • The inability to concentrate, and memory loss
  • Sleep problems and insomnia, a loss of energy and/ or weight loss
  • Bringing up the rear: collapse, unconsciousness and death.

The connection between drug use and our mental health is substantial. In fact, the writing has been on the wall for some time. When we're young and spunky and invincible these sorts of issues matter little, but those feelings of kinship are as loyal as the last G dose!

Guys lose their homes and their jobs. They no longer meet life insurance criteria and their ability to travel aboard and/ or get visas is adversely affected. Also, It may be harder to get a new job and, in some cases, a criminal record may exclude you from applying altogether.

For seasoned drug users reading this it may not be tomorrow... or next week... or next month... or next year... but a crash, an overdose, a burn, a crisis, a breakdown, a day of reckoning usually comes with all the inherent mess that comes with it.

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