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Civil partnerships and gay marriage

Civil partnerships and gay marriage

CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS AND GAY MARRIAGE | MENRUS.CO.UKAmongst other things, there are still those who complain about gay marriage as political correctness gone mad. There are also some LGBT+ people who regard gay marriage as copying an outdated straight ceremony in the heteronormative world.

On the flip side, supporters celebrate gay marriage as a sign of progress, and it is quite extraordinary how far the LGBT+ rights have come over several decades. Few can argue the recognition of marriage for same-sex couples is truly historic, sending a clear message that we live in a modern, open, and inclusive society where equal rights are respected.

Today, both civil partnerships and gay marriage are enshrined in law and, when all is said and done, it’s up to the individuals in question whether to be boyfriends, partners, enter into a civil partnership, or get married. It is their call, and nobody else's, and who are we to pooh-pooh their special day.

However, we couldn’t help ourselves and, browsing past new articles, members of the House of Lords made arguments for and against gay marriage in June 2013. Here are some against though you may need to hold onto your bouquet:

  • It would make the word “marriage” meaningless
  • It would be confusing and awkward for everyone
  • Those who are anti-gay marriage could be accused of a hate crime
  • It would diminish the role of women
  • Gay people will regret it in the long run
  • Marriage can only exist for heterosexual couples
  • Removing the requirement for consummation from marriage will lead to inter-sibling union
  • Not even gay people support gay marriage
  • People might lose their jobs

18 arguments made against gay marriage in the House of Lords | New Statesman | 4 Jun 2013

Civil partnerships

Civil Partnership in the United Kingdom is a form of civil union between couples open to both same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples. Originally civil partnerships were introduced for same-sex couples under the terms of the Civil Partnership Act 2004.

In February 2018, the United Kingdom and Scottish governments began reviewing civil partnerships, to expand them to include opposite-sex couples. In June, the Supreme Court ruled that restricting civil partnerships to same-sex couples is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights. Long story short: opposite-sex couples have been able to enter into civil partnerships in England and Wales since 2 December 2019.

Same-sex marriage is legal in all parts of the United Kingdom.

As marriage is a devolved legislative matter, different parts of the UK legalised same-sex marriage at different times:

  • England and Wales since March 2014
  • Scotland since December 2014
  • Northern Ireland since January 2020

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