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What is dating?

DatingPerhaps we are stating the obvious by defining dating, but in a 24/7 smörgåsbord sex culture some guys seem to think the 'boundaries' and 'formalities' of dating don't matter. They do and guys still date (yup, we've said it) so it can be very irritating when some men think it's OK to use it as a back door, or short cut, to sex.

A date is when:

  • two people spend time together
  • with the intention of getting to know each other better
  • on a potentially romantic level
  • over an extended period of time
  • to find out if a relationship is something worth pursuing
  • during which time sex is not the driver

To clarify further:

  • Sexual hook ups are just that, usually arranged online for sex
  • Hooking up or hook-ups can include sex, though non-sexual mates and friends will often hook up to spend time together socially
  • Hanging out usually means guys spending time together, as mates or friends, doing non-sexual and non-romantic stuff

Sometimes we confuse this stuff, sometimes intentionally. Being clear in your own mind about what you want, and being equally clear with others, will eliminate no end of grief and you will feel better for it.

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