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Queer and gay comics

Queer and Gay Comics

Queer and Gay COMINCSWith a rich history and often subversive history, comic multiverse(s) queer stories and arcs feature the lives of LGBT+ characters more than ever today. Although comics about queer characters weren't as common as they should be, they’ve certainly become more plentiful in recent decades, growing bolder and more experimental.

Queer Comics Database | Queer Comics Database
Created by Aydin Kwan and Le Button as a Capstone project for the University of Washington’s iSchool program, with support from Geeks OUT.
Queer Comic History | Queer Comic History
Trying to catalog the history of queer (LGBTQQ etc.) portrayals in comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels, and deliver information on them to the world.
Queer Comics Database | Information School
Online resource designed to assist librarians, comic retailers, and readers in finding and selecting comics with LGBTQIA representation.

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