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When it's over

  • If it hurts: let it hurt
  • What’s done is done and you can’t change the past
  • It’s okay to miss him but you will get by
  • Recognise that he is not your responsibility any more. Make a clean break and don’t allow him to creep in through the back door (pun intended!)
  • You may want to take some time off the scene. If not, recognise that you may be vulnerable
  • Sometimes it can be many months before you feel able to even consider another commitment. There’s nothing wrong with that
  • You have gained valuable experience: use it positively. If mistakes were made, learn from them
  • Don’t mope about at home – get out and about, have a meal with friends, go on holiday
  • Exercise and sports are a great way of burning off the calories and the angst
  • Don’t look for blame or blame yourself
  • Hold on to the good times and the positive aspects of the relationship
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