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REVIEW OF DRUGSIn February 2019, the Home Secretary appointed Professor Dame Carol Black to undertake an independent review of drugs. This was to inform the government’s thinking on what more can be done to tackle the harm that drugs cause.

Part 1
Dame Carol’s response to phase one of the commission provides a detailed analysis of the challenges posed by drug supply and demand, including the ways in which drugs fuel serious violence.
Review of drugs part one: evidence relating to drug use, supply and effects, including current trends and future risks | Dame Carol Black | Feb 2020

Part 2
The following evidence section presents an overview of the trends in the prevalence of drug use and the associated harms, as well as the treatment response. It also includes information on how these harms are very much associated with deprivation and often concentrated in the poorest areas of the country.
Review of drugs part two: prevention, treatment and recovery: annexes | Dame Carol Black | Jul 2021

 Annex C: costs and benefits of the review recommendations to improve the coverage and quality of treatment, prevention and recovery, Part 2, pg 30.


The following presents an overview of the costs and benefits of a proposed 5-year plan to respond to the recommendations in this review. The plan outlined will:

  • improve the quality and capacity of the treatment system for both adults and young people
  • increase the workforce numbers as well as training and skills, and bring in more qualified health professionals, particularly from mental health backgrounds
  • increase the uptake and provision of residential and inpatient detoxification treatment
  • ensure that there are well-resourced recovery communities in every area
  • increase the provision of harm reduction interventions such as naloxone and needle and syringe exchange programmes
  • increase the provision of employment support, housing support, and support for offenders
  • create an innovation fund to help tackle recreational use
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