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State of the Nation: Sexually Transmitted Infections in England

STI STATE OF THE NATION | MENRUS.CO.UK"We are at a pivotal moment in the response to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in England. The choice is clear: either we all step up and take firm action or we sit back and continue to see STIs spiral out of control and the threat of drug resistance increase. Everyone from national government to local community organisations has a part to play in this.For too long there has been insufficient focus and action centred on STIs and broader sexual health.

With this report we are trying to make a start in rectifying this. This state of the nation report seeks to shine a spotlight on STIs. We do not set out all of the answers – in fact we raise many more questions than we find answers to. But we’re aiming to start a conversation and highlight important issues – from inequalities and the communities who are disproportionately affected by STIs, to the need for sufficient funding for sexual health services and the important steps that are now needed to train and support sexual health champions."

The State of the Nation: Sexually Transmitted Infections in England | British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)/ Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) | February 2020

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