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Sex and COVID-19

Sex and COVID-19


Originally posted Spring 2020

Navigating sex in the COVID-19 landscape is a balance between our need for sex, intimacy and cuddles, and the risks of getting COVID-19 and passing it on.

Having said that, we acknowledge that when it comes to sex, some people take COVID-19 seriously, others less so, some not at all. It's the truth of the matter, it's part of the human condition, and we're not judging.

As more of us return to work, socialise, and have sex, the "new normal" should ideally mean following government guidelines and rules; however, you would be forgiven if you find them confusing, contradictory and/ or and complicated. As gay men (and MEN R US volunteers) we struggle to make sense of it all but here's our take:

  • The 'I'm going wank myself into oblivion' option
    The safest option is not to hook up with anybody else and keep your sex online/ virtual.
  • The 'keep it the extended family' option
    The consensus guidance seems to be to have sex with a regular sexual partner, a regular sex bud, or someone you live with, though you should discuss and decide the precautions you may wish to take first. Most importantly though is not to have sex with others.
  • The 'safer COVID-19 sex' option
    Hook up but fewer hooks-up and fewer partners mean less contact with the virus if it's present. COVID-19 can be passed on through close person-to-person contact during sex so while not fantastically glamorous, you can reduce the risks by wearing masks, doing it doggy style, wearing condoms and no kissing.
  • The 'give it to me now' option
    As hook up-apps thrive again, this appears to be the train that's left the station.


  • COVID-19 is passed on through droplets from your mouth and nose when you cough and/ or breathe out
  • It is thought that the virus can be passed on in saliva, shit (faeces) during anal sex, and arse licking (rimming)
  • Though it would appear it can be passed during sex, COVID-19 is NOT in itself a sexually transmitted infection (like HIV, or herpes)
  • The more people you are in close intimate contact with, the more likely you’ll be exposed to COVID-19 if it's present

Which guidance, take your pick, or try them all ...


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