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HIV is: just a part of me (campaign)

HIV is: Just a part of me is about supporting everyone living with HIV to feel positive about living a long and healthy life. Whether you are younger or older, newly diagnosed or been living with HIV for many years, there is HIV information available to help you stay actively involved in your health. Ensuring HIV is just a part of you. Through a series of videos, 11 men describe the events, people and experiences that have shaped the way they live with HIV.

The campaign also provides information to support HIV positive men to understand the link between HIV disease progression and long-term health management. Sections include your body, your expectations, what to ask, men's health and real life.

The campaign is funded by Gilead Sciences Europe.

  HIV is: Just a part of me (trailer) | Gilead Sciences Europe | 26 Feb 2018 | 1m 6s

Our usual disclaimer: we (at MEN R US) would add that we do not know Gilead, we have not slept with Gilead, we have no shares in Gilead, and we have not received any gifts or inducements to include this content on our website. Nuff said we think.

HIV is: Just a part of me | Gilead Sciences Europe

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