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Monkeypox virus

In May 2022, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) identified a handful of monkeypox cases, saying "...the most recent cases are in gay, bisexual and other MSM communities, and as the virus spreads through close contact, we are advising these groups to be alert to any unusual rashes or lesions on any part of their body, especially their genitalia, and to contact a sexual health service if they have concerns."

While it's essential to know if the outbreak disproportionately affects gay, bisexual men and other MSM communities, a handful of cases is an outbreak, not an epidemic. However, it's worth noting the outbreak in Spain, where health authorities said, "Generally speaking, monkeypox is spread by respiratory transmission, but the characteristics of the 23 suspected cases point towards transmission through mucus during sexual relations." It would be concerning if the 23 cases were gay men, but we must not jump to conclusions.

Already, professionals and pundits are over it like a rash (no pun intended) with opinions, forebodings, perspectives, and predictions. We should be mindful that the outbreak is relatively new, and the narrative is unfolding. Should the situation develop or worsen, it's good to know that the UKHSA is monitoring gay, bisexual and other MSM communities.

The above text was posted in early May 2022. See below for updates.
There is no evidence it is a sexually transmitted infection like HIV or chlamydia. Rather, in the UK outbreak, close contact during sex or intimate activity may have been a key factor in transmission.

London’s Public Health Director Kevin Fenton explains why everyone, but particularly gay and bisexual men, to be on the lookout for any unusual rashes or blister-like lesions after the recent discovery of several cases in England.
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