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Health and Social Care Act 2012

In recent years our health system has undergone profound change, with the 2012 Health and Social Care Act introducing the most wide-ranging reforms since the NHS was founded in 1948. In a nutshell: GP practices and other professionals have formed clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) with budgets to buy care on behalf of their local communities (that’s us BTW). Public health has moved from the Department of Health and local NHS to local authorities; ie: Camden and Islington Councils local authority health and well-being boards now decide the health priorities of their local communities (that’s us again BTW).

In a time of austerity (apparently we're all in it together) many working in health and the voluntary sectors are being asked to do more with less. At GMHC we remain deeply concerned that gay and LGBT health issues slip down health agendas, or never make it there in the first place. It also doesn't help that local authority public health departments have to distribute ever decreasing funds between competing health interests.

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