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LGBTQIAThe initials LGBT stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender or transsexual. and are intended to emphasise inclusion and a diversity of sexuality and gender identity-based cultures. Or, to put it another way, anyone who is not straight (heterosexual).

The term LGBT is also an update of LGB (lesbian, gay and bisexual) and usually the preferred term when referring to our community (though there is also disagreement by LGBT people about this). Before we were called gay, the term homosexual was, and to some extent still is, used. Before that we called pansies, queers, and deviants, for example.

More recently, the letter 'Q' is sometimes added for those who identify as queer or those who are questioning their sexuality. People also define themselves as intersex or asexual so we need at add an 'I' and an 'A'.

This is perfectly understandable though we are running the risk of becoming LGBTQIA, or is it LGBTIQA? And what about our gay rights allies, should it then be LGBTQIAA? And how do we include those who define themselves as bigender, androgyne, agender, cisgender. and genderqueer. We're not making light, but nor are we going to use LGBTQIAABAACG at MEN R US. Instead we are going to use LGBT+ unless someone has a better (and practical) idea. And, yes, we love everybody!

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