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LGBT+ glossary, and other words

Other words and terms

Most of the words listed here have been used to offend or denigrate LGBT+ people, even today. But, we thought it would be interesting to try and find the origins of these words and phrases.

It's also worth noting that some of these words have been reclaimed by LGBT+ people, such as faggot and queer.


Faggot (slang) | Wikipedia
Faggot (food) | Wikipedia
Faggot (bundle of sticks/ twigs/ brushwood tied together for use as fuel) | Wikipedia
Faggot | Oxford English Dictionary
Faggot | Urban Dictionary
 Why Straight People Shouldn't Throw Around the F-Word | New Zealand AIDS Foundation 

 Justin Thomas says homophobic slur 'not me' and gets Rory McIlroy's support | The Guardian | 20 Jan 2021
Is it ever okay to say the word ‘fag?’ | Pink News | 25 Aug 2018
 Fairytale ending: Shane MacGowan explains ‘faggot’ reference in Christmas song | The Irish Times | 7 Dec 2018


Fuck | Wikipedia
Fuck | Urban Dictionary

Fugging hell: tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name | The Guardian | 26 Nov 2020
Fugging, Upper Austria | Wikipedia

On the Origin of Fuck | So Long as it's Words | 12 Feb 2014
A F*cking Short History of the F-Word | Huff Post | 29 Jul 2013
Etymology of the the ‘F-Word’ | Snopes | 13 Jul 1999
Husky says fuck! | headgrr | 8 Jun 2015 | 9s

So gay

Ur So Gay | Wikipedia
That's so gay | Urban Wikipedia

"That's So Gay" Is Just So Wrong | Psychology Today | 5 Mar 2018
The 'gay' word: what does it mean when young people use it negatively? |The Guardian | 21 Dec 2015
The Gay Word | Documentary | SUStv Southhampton | 21 Dec 2015 | 47m 59s
Maybe ‘that’s so gay’ is actually ok for young people to say | The Conversation | 4 Jul 2014
Why Is It OK To Say "That's So Gay?" | NPR | 25 Jun 2009


Poofter | Urban Dictionary
Poofter | Oxford Learners Dictionary
Poofter | Wiktionary
Poof |

Gay man faces homelessness after teenage thugs who spat and hurled homophobic slurs at him every time he left the house | Pink News | 9 Sep 2020
Will Young 'called homophobic slur by bus driver' | BBC News | 7 Jan 2018
Labour MP mocked ‘fudge packers and poofters’ and lashed out at gay ‘heterophobes’ | Pink News | 23 Oct 2017
Nigel Farage Defends Use Of Words 'Chinky' And 'Poofter' | Huff Post | 27 Jan 2015


Queer | Wiktionary
Queer | Oxford Learners Dictionary
Queer | Urban Dictionary
Queer |

South Africa: Meet the queer vloggers taking back the narrative | African Arguments | 4 Mar 2021
Meet the Queer Skate Collective Who Scored Their First Calvin Klein Campaign | Paper | 4 Mar 2021
A Guide to Russell T. Davies’s Queer Canon | Vulture | 18 Feb 2021
Sir Ian McKellen urges queer community to stand up for trans rights | Gay Times | 2021
Tracing the history of the word ‘queer’ | Dazed | 28 Jul 2016
Is The Word "Queer" Offensive? | Bustle | 4 Feb 2016


Pansy (flower) | Wikipedia
Pansy | Urban Dictionary
Pansy |
Pansy | Online Slang Dictionary

'Socialist Pansies' Referenced in TV Ad From GOP Senate Candidate | The Advocate | 17 Aug 2020
A brief history of the Pansy Craze – the beginning of LGBTQ nightlife | Pink News | 20 Oct 2017
Pansy Craze: the wild 1930s drag parties that kickstarted gay nightlife | The Guardian | 14 Sep 2017


Homo | Oxford Learners Dictionary
Homo | Wikipedia
Homo | Urban Dictionary

No homo

No homo | Wiktionary
No homo | Urban Dictionary
No homo |

No homo has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary | Pink News | 3 Apr 2018
NBA player Nikola Jokic fined $25,000 for saying ‘no homo’ | Pink News | 8 Nov 2018
Straight men now feel the need to say 'no homo' when discussing emotions | The Guardian | 23 Feb 2014

Super straight

The Sexual Identity That Emerged on TikTok | The Atlantic | 7 Apr 2021
The 'super straight' campaign taking over TikTok is actually just ugly transphobic trolling | Mashable UK | 14 May 2021
The Super Straights Are Definitely Not Okay | Refinary29 | 12 Mar 2021
Inside the ‘Super Straight’ Movement That Got Banned on TikTok and Reddit | Vice | 24 Mar 2021
 Transphobic trend ‘super straight’ has links to the far-right and neo-Nazis | Pink News | 8 Mar 2021


Dyke | Wikipedia
Dyke | Urban Dictionary


Woke can mean different things to different people. While some use it as being actively aware (awake/ vigilant), some use it as an insult and a stick with which to beat others.

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary says "woke" is defined as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)."
  • Oxford English Dictionary "woke" is defined as "Originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice."
  • One Urban Dictionary contributor defines woke as “being aware of the truth behind things 'the man' doesn't want you to know”. Meanwhile, a concurrent definition signals a shift in meaning to “the act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue”.

Woke | Wikipedia

What does being woke mean? | The Sun | 21 Jan 2021
A history of “wokeness” | Vox | 9 Oct 2020
 How the word ‘woke’ was weaponised by the right | The Guardian | 21 Jun 2020
 Where ‘woke’ came from and why marketers should think twice before jumping on the social activism bandwagon | The Conversation | 8 Sep 2019

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