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LGBT UKRAINESince the fall of the USSR and Ukraine's independence in 1991, the Ukrainian LGBT+ community has become increasingly visible, better organised politically, and organising several LGBT events though some of these have been blighted by violent attacks by nationalist groups.

Same-sex sexual activity between consenting adults (in private) is legal in Ukraine. However, the climate generally is intolerant of LGBT people and same-sex couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to their heterosexual counterparts, for example. In June 2018, the Ukraine justice ministry said that there are no legal grounds in Ukraine currently for same-sex marriage. Also, adoption is illegal while conversion therapy is not banned. Ironically though, it is legal to serve in the military.

Summarising its 2021 review, ILGA says that anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crimes continued to be a severe issue though the Ministry of the Interior finally introduced a bill in May to criminalise hate crimes committed on the grounds of, inter alia (among other things), “sexual orientation and gender identity.” A survey found that 80% of LGBT students feel unsafe in school and 87% feel excluded. Just in the month preceding the survey, 40% of LGBT students missed school because they feared for their safety. Several events and demonstrations were disturbed and attacked again this year. In May, extremists raided an LGBT+ film screening, broke windows and threw tear gas into the premises. Other events were also attacked in Kyiv and Odesa. Far-right members of Tradition and Order threw bottles and held a counter-demonstration against the LGBTQ+ rave on 4 August in Kyiv.

However, there have been a few steps forward:

  • In February, the Public Health Centre of the Ministry of Health opened a tender for research into behaviours of ‘homosexual’ and bisexual men to inform HIV prevention programmes
  • In April, the Ministry of Health removed blood donation restrictions on people “who have homosexual contacts”. The new regulations focus on ‘risky behaviour’ instead of risk groups
  • In November, the Ministry of Health agreed to continue cooperation to improve trans healthcare as part of efforts to implement ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision. The global standard for diagnostic health information)

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