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Abbreviations and acronyms

If you use Grindr, Scruff, Gaydar ... or one of the many other apps ... you will have seen or used its shorthand. Depending on your age you'll either be in your element or confounded by some of the internet slang abbreviations and acronyms used. Today is about efficiency and a sex-now culture, and time is of the essence in the twilight world of hook-ups, meets and dating. LOL.

Once upon a time we wrote fully formed sentences. Letters became emails which became texts, so it should come as no surprise that would abbreviate them. Yes, they're quicker to write but some ABS (abbreviations) are nonsensical gibberish. However, we should not forget that abbreviations and acronyms came about as a by-product of newspapers and magazines personal ads which charged by the letter. WTF!

Pulling together this list of acronyms and abbreviations has not been our finest hour. We lost interest several times and failed to embrace this 'foreign' language fully. It's not exhaustive, we've probably missed something, and it's an evolving shorthand so some ABS drop off as new ones emerge. IRL.

A3: anytime, anyplace, anywhere
AMF: Adios motherfucker
ASAP: as soon as possible
ASL: age sex location
ASL: age state location
ASLP: age, sex, location, picture
B&D, BD: bondage and discipline
BB: barebacking
BB: bodybuilder
BF: boyfriend
BHM: big handsome man
Bi: bisexual

420: uses cannabis/ marijuana
BiM: bisexual male
BRB: be right back
CD: cross-dresser
D&D FREE: drug and disease free
DD: drug and disease
DS: dominance and submission
DDF: drug and disease free
DL: down low
DOM: male dominant (active)
DTE: down to earth
DTF: down to fuck
FWB: friend with benefits
GAM: gay Asian man
GBM: gay Black male
GHM: gay Hispanic male
GSOH: good sense of humour
GWM: gay white male
HMU: hit me up
HU: hurry up
HWP: height weight proportional
ILYK: I'll let you know
IRL: in real life
ISO: in search of
ITAI: I'll think about it
J4T: just for today
LIC: like I care
LMK: let me know
LOL: laugh out loud
LTR: long term relationship
MYOB: mind your own business
NBD no big deal
NS: non-smoking
NSA: no strings attached
PnP party and play
RTS: real time sex
S&M, S/M: sadomasochism
STD: sexually transmitted disease
STI: sexually transmitted infection
STR8: straight
SWS: sex without strings
TS: transsexual
TV: transvestite
TYVM: thank you very much
VAS: vasectomy
VGL very good looking
WE: well endowed
WS: water sports
WLTM: would like to meet
YOYO: youโ€™re on your own
ZZZ: sleeping, bored, tired
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