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Walter Walrus artwork

WW QUEER ILLUSTRATOR | MENRUS.CO.UKNo hesitation in giving a shout out to WW, a London residing freelance queer artist. A gifted illustrator in his own right, WW also has the rare knack of visualising the impossible into a slick elegant relatable comic book-style format.

A founding GMHC volunteer, WW has been instrumental in defining the style and tone for our extensive work on chemsex, and safer chemsex booklet, particularly (seven editions over five years).

Safer Chemsex Booklet |  PDF | 2021

He is also a keen cyclist and storyteller, dog person and disco fanatic, and collects short shorts in his downtime.  GMHC doesn't hesitate to support WW in his work and we urge you to use him (terms and conditions apply).

Contact him via Instagram or our contact page.

Walter Walrus @wwoflgbt

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