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"Hook-Up Safer" Campaign 1.0

HOO-KUP SAFERFrom May 2021, the campaign aims to raise awareness of practical tips to make hooking up safer "...whether you're new to hooking up, or been around the block a few times."

  • If you’re sexually active: your sexual health matters. This includes condoms and lube, PrEP, U=U, check-ups, and STI self-test kits.
  • If a hook-up doesn’t feel right: don’t think with your cock! Think twice before agreeing to meet up.
  • Let someone know where you’re going. Keep your phone charged, and keep the location GPS on.
  • Have an exit plan home, keeping money or cards in a safe place.
  • Sex should be consensual. That’s both of you, not just one of you, and you can change your mind anytime.
  • If you use drugs: know what and how much you’re taking. Pace yourself, and take breaks.
  • Be aware that some drugs are odourless and tasteless, and have been used to spike drinks and lube.
  • When calling the emergency services for an ambulance, be aware the police may also attend.
  • Know where to get professional help and support should you need it. If in doubt, phone a helpline or ask a friend.
  • Know your rights and where to get legal help in the event you are questioned and/ or arrested by the police.
  • All hate crime matters so report it to the police or through a third party.
  • When hook-ups don’t go to plan, we often don’t talk about them when they go wrong. Chatting it through with a friend can help.

It is the third of three connected campaigns, others being "Play Safer" and "G Aware: Our Lives Depend on It".

"Hook-Up Safer" is comprised of:

Social Media

May-July, 2021 (Twitter, Facebook)

A 30-second film

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