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Chemsex Today - around the world

Chemsex has been a growing trend in many parts of the world over the past few decades, particularly in urban areas.
Despite its global reach and prevalence, there remains little information on chemsex.

This lack of knowledge is partly due to the stigma and taboo surrounding substance use and sex as in many cultures, substance
use and sexual behaviour are highly stigmatized and criminalized, making it challenging to research chemsex.

Additionally, because of the diversity of cultures and languages around the world, it can be challenging to develop research
instruments that are culturally sensitive and accessible to all individuals.

In response to this gap in knowledge, ReShape decided to conduct a study on chemsex to ensure that we have a global view of the phenomenon. The study aimed to provide a comprehensive and inclusive view of chemsex that considers the diversity of cultures and languages worldwide. The study was designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of language or cultural background.

ReShape/International HIV Partnerships

Chemsex today around the world

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