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LGBT+ sex and lifestyles survey

LGBT + SexEarlier this year, GMHC (of which MEN R US is part) promoted this piece of research for Public Health Institute, John Moores University and the preliminary findings are now in.

Facebook sponsored advertising was used to recruit LGBT+ people to take part in an online survey. Four adverts were used over 6 weeks (one MSM, one WSW, one trans, and one LGBT+ advert). Relevant LGBT+ organisations also advertised the survey on their social media accounts. A prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher, or one of two runner-up prizes of £25 was used. The questionnaire was divided into three sections: demographics, sexual health and drug use, and psychological well-being.

A total of 4,690 participants started the survey, of which 1,110 did not complete the survey sufficiently to be included in analyses (n=3,676, completion rate of 78%). The median time taken to complete the survey was 12 minutes.

Men who have sex with men

When controlling for other factors, MSM who engaged in chemsex were more likely to live in a densely populated area (56% vs. 32%), have a larger number of condomless anal intercourse male partners, be living with HIV (20% vs. 6%), and have a low sexual self-efficacy (confidence in practicing safer sex consistently). MSM engaging in chemsex were more likely to report currently taking PrEP (30%), compared to MSM engaging in other sexualised drug use (9%), and those not engaging in any sexualised drug use (3%).

Preliminary findings from the LGBT+ sex and lifestyles survey
Matthew Hibbert | Sexual Health Bulletin, Autumn 2018, issue 59, pg 4-8 | Public Health Institute, John Moores University

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