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HIV CommissionHow England will end new cases of HIV

"‘Ending HIV transmissions in England by 2030’ is not just a government target but has the potential to change lives for many. At the moment nearly 3,000 people a year are newly diagnosed. Achieving this goal will prevent tens of thousands of new infections and all the complications that can follow – mental health challenges, medical complications, living with stigma and discrimination. This is such a worthwhile aspiration, it requires urgent government action.

To meet the ambition to end new HIV transmissions in England by 2030, the government should reaffirm this target, but also adopt the new interim milestone recommended by this commission to see an 80% reduction by 2025. This will ensure we are on track. We should seek to build on positive progress made to date and ensure that the government commit to England being the first country to achieve a goal that will change so many lives."

How England will end new cases of HIV | HIV Commission | 2020

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