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LGBT Action Plan 2018

LGBT Action PlanLGBT Action Plan resulting following the 2017 Government national survey of LGBT people - open to anyone who identified as having a minority sexual orientation, gender identity or had variations in sex characteristics. It asked questions about people’s experiences of living in the UK and in accessing public services. We asked questions about education, healthcare, personal safety and employment. The survey received more than 108,000 responses, making it the largest national survey of its kind anywhere in the world. The LGBT Action Plan contains 75 actions for this term of Parliament crossing all Government departments.

However one sees this as a step in the right direction, it hasn't escaped our notice (at MEN R US) that the Action Plan has been launched while the Government is still shagging the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) ... one of the most anti-LGBT organisations in the country and consistent in its objections to LGBT rights. For example, while the Action Plan is unequivocal in wanting to ban gay conversion therapy, it's something  DUP members have publicly advocated for in the past.

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