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Sex and doing it

Hugs and cuddles

hugsHugs and cuddles before and after sex can be important

  • in setting the mood and relaxing
  • becoming familiar with each other in each other's company
  • enjoying the moment after sex (though some guys may prefer to 'cum and go' if it's only a sex hook-up)

More about non-sexual hugs and cuddles here Hugs and cuddles where the context is best enjoyed and appreciated, without ulterior motives or hidden agendas. Be mindful that cuddling can be interpreted as an exploratory step and a prelude to sex. We can also get carried away, particularly if we misread signals. Hugs (especially big hugs) and cuddles are two of the most natural ways to express friendship and show closeness and affection. Cuddling can also lower blood pressure and heart rate, reduce fear and anxiety, and reduce stress. What's not to like!

Sometimes we just like to be held by another guy or hold a guy. It's an instant mood boost; it can dispense with words and help us feel better about each other and ourselves. After sex, cuddles should not be underestimated, though be aware that some guys - while happy to have sex - find this sort of 'quiet' intimacy very difficult, even stressful, seeing it as vulnerability or weakness. This is one reason why guys can 'cum and go'.

So, make your intentions clear such as a touch on the arm rather than a hand on his crotch or a gentle rub on his shoulder rather than fingertips snaking down to his arse crack. If you're all loved up with a new guy in your life, lots of cuddles add an important dimension to your relationship, helping develop intimacy, confidence and trust.

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