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Body scent, odour and pheromones

Body ScentEach day, the body gets rid of 2-3 litres of water through two million sweat glands; so, it’s not surprising that body scents and odours occur naturally.

Our natural body scent – often a musky smell on the skin – is an individual fingerprint of who we are. In moderation, it’s generally regarded as pleasant and we respond and get turned on by the right scent in others.

Body odour is when sweat turns stale – a reaction between fats and proteins in the sweat and bacteria that live on the surface of the skin. Some men prefer a strong ripe body odour to a less aggressive body scent.

Pheromones are believed to be substances released in minute quantities by humans and other animals to affect behaviour in others of the same species. In humans this seems to be centred around attracting a mate. As to whether gay men can simply differentiate between male and female pheromones or have to re-learn how to recognise male pheromones (once the attraction to other men has been established) is uncertain. However, many of us can smell for ourselves the difference between our day-to-day body scent and what kicks in when we’re horny, picking up, and having sex.

However, according to Wikipedia "No study has led to the isolation of true human sex pheromones, though various researchers have investigated the possibility of their existence."

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