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Saline injections (balls)

Saline injections are injections of sterile 0.9% salt water solution into the ball sack (scrotum) to make it temporarily larger. For those who engage in recreational saline play, the practice is also referred to as saline or scrotal injections, scrotal infusion, or scrotal inflation.

Despite the common name of the procedure, it’s important to note that saline is injected into the ball sack NOT the balls (testicles). The ball sack is elastic and can stretch to a greater size. The sack can be inflated to the size of a large grapefruit, the appearance likened to that of a water balloon. Though the cock can be enlarged this way, the ball sack is easier and ‘safer’ to inflate. This can go hand in hand with a ball sack stretching fetish.

Turn-ons are highly subjective but guys are turned on by:

  • the sensation of enhanced oversized balls
  • the rush from temporarily modifying a part of their body
  • BDSM medical play
  • the sensation of the sack rubbing against clothing
  • the erotic sensation from having heavy distended balls full of warm liquid
  • aesthetic reasons, body modification, shock value, and self-expression

The quantity of saline solution injected varies but 500 millilitres to 1 litre administered through an IV/ cannula drip. The inflation process takes about an hour and the effect lasts for a day or two. The sack gradually returns to normal size as the saline is absorbed into the body. The more saline solution injected the greater the effect and the ball sack can swell to the size of two grapefruits. The sack may be a little looser afterward but usually returns to its original size.

The practice is cheaper and quicker way of getting a large ball sack compared to silicone injections or surgical implants. Although some report quite intense pain as they inject, for some this is part of the appeal. There may also be a fascination with needles and injecting, part of fetish medical play, control, and domination scenes.

Guidance and risks

  • Ensure that the saline, drip tubes and needles are sterile and hospital grade and ensure the procedure is administered under sterile conditions.
  • A lack of sterility can cause cellulitis and expose you to potentially life-threatening infections. Cellulitis is an infection of the soft tissue and skin that requires antibiotics to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body and become a serious medical condition.
  • Air in the IV tubing can also cause a potential fatal air embolism (death). Additional risks include subcutaneous emphysema, and possibly fatal complications such as Fournier's gangrene.
  • The procedure is not recommended for novices or solo play and no one should experiment with scrotal inflation without some experienced guidance.

"The technical name for what CUM is asking about is 'scrotal inflation,'" says Dart, leatherman and BDSM/ kink educator. "It's a type of body-modification play where the scrotum is infused with approximately 500 milliliters to one liter of saline solution via an IV/cannula drip, which results in the balls appearing to have enlarged to the size of a pair of grapefruits."

"The skin of the sack has a great deal of elasticity and can safely stretch to this large size without incurring damage," says Dart. Balls, of course, are not noted for their elasticity, and they can burst.

"No one should experiment with scrotal inflation without some experienced guidance, and no one should do it alone. Some of the risks that can happen include local infection and cellulitis, which can occur from a lack of sterility. There can also be dangerous problems if any air was present in the tubing of the IV during the infusion. But again, if proper precautions are taken, these risks can be avoided."

"The turn-on answer varies from person to person," says Dart. "For some, there is a certain rush from temporarily modifying a part of their body to a 'monstrous' size. Others have 'medical play' fantasies. In a power exchange setting between a dominant and a submissive, the dom may get off on 'altering' a part of the sub's body against the sub's will, while the sub may get turned on by the humiliation aspect. It's a wide spectrum. As I say, it's not for everyone. But many, including myself, have engaged in it safely and had a pretty fun time doing it."

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