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Sex and doing it


Wanking-3Masturbation, jacking off, beating off, jerking off - whatever you want to call it, wanking crosses cultures and continents and is probably the most practised sexual activity in the world. Past centuries have described it as depraved, undesirable, heinous, frightful, unclean and abominable... which all seem like pretty good reasons to get into it. Today, it is accepted as a natural, healthy activity – and don’t we know it! Of course it has its critics, but they’re probably still doing it while flicking through Crochet Monthly.

Most of us start wanking in our teens, sometimes earlier, learning from friends or books as we discover the sensations of rubbing and playing with ourselves, or being touched for the first time by a mate. Some guys see wanking as inferior to ‘real’ sex, but they have a lot to learn. Whether alone or with a partner wanking allows you to create and exercise your own fantasies. You have total control whether it’s planned, impulsive, stress-relieving, or you do it just because you’re horny. Best of all, you can do it as much as you like. Your body will tell you when it’s had enough for the time being – your dick will be sore or you won’t be able to get a hard-on, or your balls will ache.

There’s no proper way. We all learn and develop our own style and it can be fab watching someone else. Techniques vary from tugging, pulling, massaging up and down, rolling between your hands, lying on your back, standing up, on your front, on your knees or on the toilet. Some guys may use lubricant or spit to help improve technique, movement and sensitivity. While some of us prefer to use a particular hand, others are equally adept with both.

Some guys can only jack themselves off. It addition to giving loads of pleasure, wanking can also familiarise yourself with your body, develop your sexual techniques, better manage your ability to cum or to hold off and practise using condoms. If you feel guilty about wanking, remember that this is usually the result of negative, moralistic prejudice which demonises a natural and healthy activity. Ignore all that – and just do it!

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