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Sex and doing it


For many of us, noise is an essential part of having sex. Grunts and groans are all part of a primal language which communicates effort, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, connection, and much more. There are guys who shout out unashamedly while others don't let out so much as a squeak, making us ask questions like "Have you cum yet?"

There are some who seem to love sex but are also a little bit embarrassed. You say things like ‘Shusssh!’, ‘Keep quiet!’ or use pillows to stifle muffled cries as you prepare to cum. There's talking dirty which can either electrify the moment or kill it in its tracks. And there are those who have no idea whether or not they should be making sounds, or which sounds to make, but this is usually more about the experience, practice and finding your voice.

There are also the fakers who make the necessary grunts and groans to

  1. acknowledge that the partner is actually in the same room
  2. suggest they might be enjoying themselves
  3. getting in/ out as quickly as possible 

You know who you are!

I Love Loud Sex | Davey Wavey | 11 Aug 2011 | 2m 08s

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