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Sex and doing it


Watersports is playing with piss during sex for pleasure. It's also known as piss play, golden showers and urophilia. The word urophilia has origins in the Greek language from ouron, urine, and lagneia, lust. Though rarely, the word lindinism is also used, but we are struggling to find its origin.

Guys also get off drinking piss, piss fucking (pissing up a guy's arse during anal sex) and watching others.

  • 'Forbidden' or 'taboo' sex acts can often create sexual excitement.
  • The freedom and pleasure from pissing, particularly when you really need to go.
  • Pleasure from being drenched in a stream of 'warm liquid'.
  • Increased intimacy sharing a bodily fluid.
  • Some guys get more intense orgasms with a full bladder.
  • Watersports as part of sub/ dom role play which is a real turn-on for some.

So, if you are interested, or just curious, keep a look out for club events where you can meet like-minded piss guys; or talk with your partner first (ie: ensure you're on the same wavelength before you let loose). As with other types of 'taboo play', it's not uncommon to feel a little weird afterwards, particularly if it's your first time. In fact, it can take time to become familiar and comfortable playing on these sorts of edges. Guys can find themselves saying "never doing that again" only to find once they're hard and horny they'll give it another go.

Piss is normally 95% water
Piss is normally 95% water, sterile in the bladder, with a 5.5 to 7pH range. Drinking your own piss is safe and, in case you're wondering, even if you have an infection you are not going to give it to yourself twice!

Some guys like the strong dark taste and smell of undiluted piss, while others prefer to drink lots of water so they can piss more and so it becomes lighter in colour, taste and smell (more like tasting warm water).

The tell-tale smell of dried piss is ammonia. Getting the smell out of carpet, wood and other floor surfaces can be very difficult so covering mattresses, carpets and so on with rubber or plastic sheeting is a must. Alternatively, keep piss play for inside the bath, shower rooms, or outside.

Risk of infection
As a general rule, watersports is one of the safest kinds of sex play there is. However, as piss leaves the bladder, down the pipe (urethra) out of the end of the dick, it can pick up STIs along the way like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and herpes.

If someone has a urinary or kidney infection, piss can also contain traces of blood so there is a small risk of HIV or hepatitis C, if present. Like cum or shit, there is also an increased risk if infected piss gets through broken skin into the bloodstream.

Drugs in piss
Be aware we get rid of drugs (prescribed and otherwise) and/ or alcohol in urine and that what one person puts in their body someone else may be directly exposed to. Even food allergies could be a factor if the reaction is severe enough.

Points to remember

  • You may wish to cover the bed or designated area with a rubber or water proof sheet.
  • It is worth giving some thought where you do it and where you might be later (in a car or on a bus for example).
  • Before you start, cover open cuts and sores with a waterproof plaster.
  • Keeping your eyes closed and not taking it in the eyes or up the arse will significantly reduce risks from sexually transmitted infections.

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