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Sex workers

Sex workers

Supporting LGBTQI Sex Workers' Mental Health | ICRS | 30 Mar 2021
Life as a male sex worker in Britain today | BBC News | 13 Dec 2017
Venues where male sex workers meet partners: the emergence of gay hookup apps and web sites | Eric W Schrimshaw, Karolynn Siegel, Ettienne Meunier | December 2017

Now is the time to support sex workers’ rights | Open Society | 18 Feb 2021
Faggots, punks, and prostitutes: the evolving language of gay men | The Conversation | 28 Feb 2017
Review of the literature on sex workers and social exclusion | UCL Institute of Human Equality I April 2014

 Conversations with male sex workers, they're just like you and me | Mike Enders | 12 Feb 2016 | 28m 45s

Sex work | Wikipedia
History of prostitution | Wikipedia

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