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Sexual positions

Top and bottom, active and passive, pitcher and catcher

SEX | MENRUS.CO.UK'Top and bottom', 'active and passive' or 'pitcher and catcher' (US) describe a guy's preference to fuck (penetrate) or be fucked (be penetrated) during anal sex. Some guys are versatile, meaning they enjoy both fucking and being fucked. Importantly though, some dislike these labels and prefer to go with the flow.

What you prefer is usually determined by the pleasure you have learnt through experiment and practice. We suggest you keep an open mind and go into sex without a pre-determined idea of what should happen, and then you will likely fall into your natural preference... which may also change over time.

Some men think that to be a top, you have to be masculine and manly, while others think a bottom has to be passive or effeminate. This is bollocks. There are so-called masculine-looking guys that roll over as soon as you wave your dick in their direction and passive-looking guys that will fuck you into the floor. Fantastic! Just be the man you want to be, with the man you want to be with, ensuring the sex you have is safer, sane and consensual.

Sides, bottom shaming, and BDSM

Side | MEN R U S
A ‘side’ describes someone who doesn’t practice anal sex, a term coined for gay men to have the language to express this preference.
Bottom shaming | MEN R US
Bottom shaming is the negative, belittling and disapproving comments gay men make about men who are the passive or receiving partner during penetrative sex (getting fucked).
In BDSM, however, top and bottom roles are usually more defined.


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