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SAFER CHEMSEX | MENRUS.CO.UKWith some minor edits, this is a transcript of our 6th edition safer chemsex booklet (July 2019) a 32 page booklet produced by PIP PAC, one of our other projects. As MEN R US and PIP PAC collaborated on the text you may find some content duplicated elsewhere on the website.

Contact us if you would like us to send you a copy of this A5 booklet.

 Chemsex Booklet | Three Flying Piglets | July 2019 | 45s

We are not doctors or substance misuse professionals, but a group of rather gorgeous informed gay men, passionate about sex and their health, with direct experience of drug use, addiction, withdrawal, and recovery. Some of us are living with HIV and/ or Hepatitis C so—in some ways—this is our narrative and our story.

We are not alone and this 6th edition has been updated, tweaked, and proofed by friends, shags, allies and organisations supporting the work we do, and who continue to give their time generously at every turn. Thanks to Da, Ed, Fr, Ga, Ha, Ma, Ni, Pa, and To. Special thanks to Release, Injecting Advice, Global Drug Survey, Survivors UK, and Exchange Supplies. Rather than re-invent the wheel, extracts from “Slamming Dos and Don’ts” by Mainline (Netherlands), and content from Injecting Advice, and Exchange Supplies have been adapted, with their kind permissions. Stunning illustrations by Walter Walrus.

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