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Safer chemsex

Safer slamming (injecting)

  • NevershareWash your hands and clean the injection site
  • Choose a quiet, safe place to inject
  • Ensure the surfaces you prepare on are clean
  • Whenever possible, use a sterile spoon and dry, clean filter available from needle exchange services and PIP PAC
  • Avoid torn filters or exposed fibres as they can end up being injected and cause problems
  • Never share your injecting equipment
  • If you have to re-use equipment make sure it’s yours
  • Use a sharps bin whenever possible. If not available improvise; eg: use a plastic drinks bottle with cap
  • Only recap needles if a sharps bin or alternative is not available
  • It’s always best to only recap your own needle to avoid risk of infection
  • Take your sharps bin to a needle exchange for safe disposal

Safer injecting crystal meth

Safer injecting crystal meth | Three Flying Piglets for MEN R US | 2014 | 3m 24s
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Safer injecting mephedrone

Safer injecting mephedrone | Three Flying Piglets for MEN R US | 2014 | 3m 25s
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Needle and syringe supplies

You may find the simplest option is to buy supplies online. We mention Exchange Supplies because they have collaborated with us on PIP PAC (our safer chemsex packs) for several years. While gay men have usually given mainstream drug services a wide berth you can drop by your local service who should provide you with FREE needles, syringes, swabs and condoms etc without a load of hassle or questions.

PIP PAC 3.0 safer chemsex pack for gay men | PIP PAC
Injecting Supplies | Exchange Supplies
Drug and Alcohol Services: Search by Post Code | NHS


Further safer injecting tips and advice can be found here but bear in mind these are mainstream resources and don't address safer clamming and/ or chemsex specifically:

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