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Chemsex first aid

Chemsex first aid | MENRUS.CO.UKChemsex First Aid is a 20 page PDF booklet that "...covers general First Aid practices for some specific chemsex-related emergencies. It includes some information on how to make judgement calls, and when not to, when to call an ambulance, as well as some tips to help avoid some of the most common emergencies that can happen in chemsex environments. The guide is not a comprehensive harm reduction resource. The booklet focuses on emergencies and First Aid that might be applied in them. Harm reduction information regarding chems is much more extensive."

The booklet is divided into 4 sections: (1) GHB, GBL related emergencies; (2) Crystal methamphetamine and mephedrone/ 3MMC/ 4MMC/ cathenone related emergencies; (3) Other emergencies that can happen in chemsex environments; and (4) A summary of First Aid Situations. An excellent resource though improvements to the layout and formatting would make it a more accessible read.

A word of caution: even with the best of intentions, you can do more harm than good if you are not trained or qualified, with possible legal implications if something goes wrong. The law and 'good Samaritan' law will vary from country to country.

Chemsex first aid | PDF | David Stuart and Ignacio Labayen De Inza | Sep 2018

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