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Finding the right chemsex support

CHEMSEX SUPPORTGay men experiencing chemsex ‘overload’ require specialist help and advice. Unfortunately, services are not universally available and things can even worse outside the big cities.

When guys ‘crash’ or are in crisis, they often require multiple services (eg: recovery, mental health, legal, housing, debt) and mainstream services are not always geared up to work together—though some are trying to improve.

Issues like this affect many LGBT+ people accessing health services generally at a time when there is less funding and more cuts than ever before.

The response to chemsex by mainstream drug services is understandably slower than we would like. Many only Seem to have a cursory understanding of gay men’s health and wider LGBT+ issues. However, some are starting to respond positively, becoming LGBT+ friendlier, something long overdue.

But, the first step in getting help may be talking to someone you trust, a friend, a sex bud … even the ex. Some of the best support is to be found within our own community.

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