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Calling 999: FRANK updates information

Calling 999: FRANK updates information

FRANK AND THE MET | MENRUS.CO.UKCertainly for the 5 years that MENRUS.CO.UK has been running, the website FRANK "honest information about drugs" said

"If you're with someone who needs medical help, call an ambulance and tell the crew everything you know about the drugs taken, it could save their life. If you have any drugs left, hand them over to the crew as it may help. They won't tell the police."

However, this contradicted what the police say they will do: that it works with the Ambulance Service to work out when they need to attend if they are called.

In November 2020, we contacted both Public health England (which operates the website) and the Metropolitan Police Service about this. FRANK has now changed this information which now reads:

"In most circumstances, they won't tell the police."

Clicking the picture you can view a screenshot of what FRANK used to say, above an extract from the Metropolitan Police Service guidance on chemsex (July 2018).

We will keep this post running for the time being so that you can be aware and know that FRANK's information has changed.

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