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David Stuart

DAVID STUARTGMHC was shocked and saddened to learn that David Stuart died suddenly on 10 January 2022 aged 54.

Respected internationally, David is known to many for his pioneering work in chemsex and for raising awareness of this complex and challenging field and is credited with coining the term 'chemsex'. An activist, advocate, worker, lecturer, researcher and campaigner, David undertook the work with integrity, passion, empathy, and kindness while also acknowledging his own struggles.

He joined London Friend as a volunteer in 2007, later becoming its training and outreach manager. In 2014, he joined 56 Dean Street as its substance misuse lead specialising in chemsex. David was also a global advocate - speaking at conferences, collaborating on research papers, and his work has been key in moving chemsex up public health agendas. His impact will be felt far beyond his passing, leaving behind a rich legacy for his peers, his beloved LGBT+ community, allies and friends.

David advised on several short chemsex harm reduction films for the Gay Men's Health Collective including "Triptych" and "Alchemy". He also collaborated on two safer slamming (injecting) shorts on crystal meth and mephedrone. Viewed over 36,000 times, they are believed to be the first safer injecting films for gay men. His attention to detail was meticulous and was always a joy to have on set. GMHC also made "Chemsex: An Intervention" for his own body of work, embedded below.

Chemsex: A Brief Intervention | David Stuart | 2013

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Introduction to "A Loud Exhaust" | A Novel | David Stuart | 28 Jan 2022 | 2m 43s
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